1995 · 1h 30m · 35mm Presentation


April, 26th 2024

11:59 pm

April, 27th 2024

11:59 pm


For most people, Friday's just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood'll never be the same. F. Gary Gray’s energetic feature film debut is a laughable look at all that can go down between Thursday and Saturday, following two friends (Ice Cube and an electrifyingly funny Chris Tucker) desperately trying to find some quick scratch to repay the local dope dealer - or else - while amusingly observing the goings-on of the memorable characters in their hood. Featuring a pitch-perfect supporting cast, including Bernie Mac, Johnny Witherspoon, Tiny ‘Zeus’ Lister, and Nia Long, Friday is a stoned-cold comedy classic propelled by an iconic soundtrack.


F. Gary Gray


Ice Cube, DJ Pooh


Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long